Theater art in the USA / Театральное искусство в США

Текст ниже средней сложности — Theater art in the USA / Театральное искусство в США

Theater of the United States is based on the Western tradition that is mostly borrowed from the performance styles popular in Europe. Today, American theater is heavily interlaced with American literature, film, television, and music. Musical theater may be the most popular form: it is certainly the most colourful. Choreographed motions performed on stage have found their way onto movie and television screens. Broadway in New York City is generally considered the top of commercial US. Theater.

Broadway is a big, wide avenue that runs the entire length of Manhattan Island in New York City. It passes through the middle of the Theater district concentrated around Times Square. Broadway has given its name to those spectacular musical productions known as the Broadway play. The songs of Broadway composers such as Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, and Stephen Sondheim have become pop standards. No visit to New York City would be complete without seeing at least one Broadway musical production.

Another city of particular note is Chicago, which boasts the most diverse and dynamic theater scene in the country. Regional or resident theaters in the United States are professional theater companies outside of New York City that produce their own seasons. There is also community theater and showcase theater. Even tiny rural communities sometimes influence audiences with extravagant productions.


to be borrowed from smth — заимствованный у кого-либо

to be heavily interlaced with smth — тесно связанный с чем-либо

choreographed motions — хореографические движения

to run the entire length of smth — простираться по всей длине чего-либо

spectacular — зрелищный, эффектный

the most diverse — самый разнообразный

a resident theater — постоянно действующий или местный (домашний) театр

to produce one's seasons — ставить серии спектаклей или пьес

tiny rural communities — маленькие сельские (театральные) сообщества

extravagant productions — экстравагантные, феерические постановки

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