Ukrainian diaspora in the USA / Украинская диаспора в США

The first wave of Ukrainian emigration to the USA happened in the 19th century. Some of the Ukrainians that left their homeland returned. From the 393,000 Ukrainians that emigrated to the USA, 70,000 Ukrainians returned. Most of the immigrants to the United States of America worked in the construction and mining industries. Before the start of the WW I, almost 350,000 Ukrainians emigrated to the USA.

The second wave of Ukrainian emigration to the USA took place after WW II. The need for solidarity led to the creation of Ukrainian religious, political, and social organizations in the USA. These new Ukrainian organizations maintained links with the homeland, from which books, media, priests, and new ideas arrived. In 1967, in New York, the World Congress of Free Ukrainians was created. Many scientific organizations were created. There was created an Institute of Ukrainian Studies at Harvard.

Cultural food is an important part of Ukrainian culture abroad. Many Ukrainian families still cook traditional Ukrainian dishes. Special foods are used on Easter and Christmas that are not made at any other time of the year. In fact on Christmas Eve, a special twelve-dish meal is served. The best-known foods are borsch (a vegetable soup, usually with beets), holubtsi (cabbage rolls), pyrohy or vareniky, and kolbasa (garlic sausage).


construction — сооружение

a mine — шахта

a priest — священник 

to maintain — поддерживать

links — связи

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