Home schooling in the USA / Домашнее обучение в США

According to the brief issued by the National Center for Education Statistics, a division of the U.S. Department of Education, dated July 2004, the number of home schooled students has grown from 850,000 in 1999 to 1.1 million students in the spring of 2003. This represents an increase of 29 percent. These figures were based on data collected nationally by the National Household Education Surveys Program.

When surveyed, two-thirds of the parents indicated, that they had chosen to home school for three main reasons. Thirty-one percent said the most important reason was concern for the environment in other schools. Thirty percent said they made the decision to home school because they wanted to provide religious and moral instruction. Sixteen percent said they were dissatisfied with the academic instruction at other schools.

In order to provide families that home school their children with various kinds of support, Home School Legal Defense Association has been recently created in America. For example, Home School Leal Defense Association (HSLDA) wants to place informative materials about home schooling all across America. The goal? To ensure that families have materials available that accurately describe the value of home schooling, and to communicate a message to families considering home schooling that You Can Home school!

HSLDA has created an attractive You Can Home school brochure. It is a part of a kit that will offer families solid, easy to read information on home schooling. Help is needed to get this information into local communities. And where better than libraries? Many public libraries are actively seeking more information on home schooling. They are also looking for ways to serve home schoolers.

In this respect, HSLDA invites home schooling families across America to adopt a library. Local public libraries, church libraries, and home school support group libraries would all benefit from a You Can Home school library kit.


to issue a brief — издавать, публиковать краткое изложение документа

to indicate smth — указывать что-либо

dissatisfaction — неудовлетворение недовольство

to provide smb with smth — обеспечивать кого-либо чем-либо

to describe smth accurately — точно описывать что-либо

to seek more information on smth — искать больше информации о чем-либо

to benefit from smth — иметь выгоду от чего либо

a library kit — библиотечный комплект (набор)

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