My favourite TV programme / Мои любимые ТВ программы

Текст средней сложности — My favourite TV programme / Мои любимые ТВ программы

My name IS Yulya. I am student. One of my hobbies is travelling. I have already visited many parts of Ukraine but my dream is a world tour. As I am student, I do not have enough money for it. The only way out is my favourite TV programme "Around the World". It is a daily programme, so I have an opportunity to visit different countries every day without leaving my house!

Each programme is dedicated to one country. I am fond of foreign languages, English and German, so I watch the programmes about English and German speaking countries with special interest. It is a good chance for me to learn something new about these countries and their citizens. I may see places of historical interest, which I have only read about. I listen to legends, connected with famous people and see the places they were born in.

The latest programme was dedicated to England. I had an opportunity to see old castles, learn their long history and get acquainted with their inhabitants. As I am fond of the Beatles, I wanted to know something new about the most success¬ful pop group the world has ever known. The Beatles have always been in the news headlines, films and sometimes scandal. Their song «Love Me Do», which in 1962 entered the British hit Parade, in 1982, was again in the Top Ten! A lot of people still long tor the music of the Beatles, the music of freedom and piece. The next programme will be dedicated to the USA. I hope to learn something about Elvis Presley, who influenced the famous Lennon and McCartney early songs.


a world tour — кругосветное путешествие
daily — ежедневный
to be fond of smth — увлекаться чем-либо
a castle (s) — замок
a headline (s) — заголовок
to long for — грустить

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