About myself / О себе

Hello! I am Jane. I am 21. I am a student. I consider it to be a special time in my life. Student life is always full of fun, new impressions and knowledge. I like being a student. Each day I learn something new and communicate with my friends. We meet almost every day. Sometimes we stay at the university after classes to prepare our homework for the next day or just to talk about our student life.

I like spending time with my friends. We often visit each other. I can talk with them for hours. They can help me and support me in any situation. I can say the same about my parents, with whom I live. My mother is a very wise woman. She understands me. We are not only close relatives, but also close friends. We have the same favourite colours — green and blue. These are the colours of nature and the sky. Our family hobby is travelling. We like seeing new places, meeting new people, exchanging our impressions. We often travel in summer and in winter. I adore Turkey, Egypt, and France. These countries have their own traditions, unique nature and culture.

My other hobbies are music and theatre. I often visit the theatre. I sympathize with the characters on the stage. I try to understand them and, finally, I find it easier to solve my own problems watching the play. I understand my family and friends better. I am grateful to them for being so close to me, for their understand­ing and support.


to consider — считать
an mpression (s) — впечатление
to exchange — обмениваться
unique — уникальный
to sympathize with — сочувствовать
to be grateful to smb — быть благодарным кому-либо

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