The Joyful and Smart

— Hello, Vadim!

— Hello, Tanya! Are you a member of the university team of "Joyful and Smart"?

— Yes, I am. I adore this game.

— What’s the name of your team?

— "University Smart". By the way we are going to play today. If you come, you’ll never regret!

— Your team is very popular at the university. Students repeat your jokes long after the game.

— Yes, this game is rather popular among young people nowadays. If you wish, you may try it as well. You are also very talented and smart.

— Thank you very much. But I am fond of another game "What? Where? When?" It helps me to enlarge my knowledge. I invite you to our club.

Thank you! You are one of the best students of the university. I am sure your team always wins. I do not like to play against you. I would rather watch the game.

— I will be glad to see you! I wish you to win today!

— Thank you!