America Talk / Америка

Brad: Michael, what do you remember about America from our last class on Travelling?

Michael: I don’t think I remember much. But I think I’ll be able to say 5 important facts about this country.

Brad: What are they, Michael? Go on, tell me.

Michael: All right. Here are the facts everyone should know about the States…

Brad: Yes, I’m listening.

Michael: Firstly, the USA is a constitutional federal republic. Secondly, it comprises 50 states. Thirdly, the capital of the country is Washington D.C Fourthly, most people speak English in the USA. And fact number five, America celebrates the Independence Day on the 4th of July. That’s all.

Brad: Good job Michael. The information is to the point. I think you don’t have to get ready for the coming up mini-test. You know quite enough.

Michael: Thank you, Brad. I believe you know just as much or even more, than I do.

Brad: Thanks, Michael. Actually, I’ve begun to read a book about the USA. It is very interesting. When I finish it, I’ll let you read it.

Michael: I’ll read it with pleasure.