Meeting an American Artist / Встреча с американским художником

Margaret: Mr. Johnson, I’d like you to meet Edward Banks.

Mr. Johnson: How do you do Mr. Banks?

Mr. Banks: How do you do.

Margaret: Mr. Banks is a contemporary American artist. He’s just finished his; new art work depicting the life in the 21st century megapolis.

Mr. Johnson: Oh? That’s my field of interest, too. I work for the London Art Gallery.

Mr. Banks: In Leicester Street, by any chance?

Mr. Johnson: Yes. How did you guess?

Mr. Banks: I’ve seen many TV programs about the London Art Gallery and I saw your name on some paintings. They are excellent

Mr. Johnson: Thank you. This is the highest appreciation of my works.

Mr. Banks: I’d like to invite you to my art studio on Tuesday.

Mr. Johnson: I’ll visit it with pleasure. I’m looking forward to seeing your new work.

Mr. Banks: It’ll be a great honor for me.