Oral Quiz on America (Part I) / Устная Викторина по Америке (Часть I)

Teacher: So, Michael! Where does the country of the United States lie?

Michael: It lies in central North America.

Teacher: Very good. Who are the neighbors of the USA?

Michael: There are a lot of neighbors around the USA. But it borders on Mexico in the south, and in the north-on Canada.

Teacher: What is America washed by?

Michael: It is washed by the Atlantic and the Arctic Oceans.

Teacher: Michael, are you sure?

Michael: I think, it is right.

Teacher: Will you have a look at the map?

Michael: OK. Ah-ha. Excuse me, I made a mistake. America is washed by the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Here they are: the Atlantic is in the east, and the Pacific is in the west.

Teacher: Now, it’s better. And the last question to you, Michael. How big is the territory of America?

Michael: The territory of the country is quite big. It stretches 2,600 kilometers from north to south and 4,500 kilometers from east to west.

Teacher: Ok Michael. Good job! You’ve got 90 points for the quiz.

Michael: Thank you. Is my result good enough?

Teacher: It is. You can tell your mom about it.

Michael: Thanks. I’ll tell my mother about the quiz. Good-bye.

Teacher: Bye See you next Saturday.