Easter in Britain / Пасха в Великобритании

— Hello. Anya! Where did you celebrated Easter this year?

— Well, it is one of my favourite holidays. This year I celebrated it in England.

— Really? What does this holiday mean for Englishmen?

— For many people, it is the time to think about what we have to do to improve ourselves. And, of course, it is the day of hope for the better future.

— I have heard that one of Easter symbols in Britain is a rabbit.

— Yes, it brings Easter eggs. Children believe that it comes at night and leaves Easter eggs for them. In many families parents hide the eggs in the house and children have a lot of fun searching for them in the morning.

— What else do families do in the morning?

— They have family breakfast. They lay the table, eat the Easter eggs and wish each other good luck and health

— What do Easter eggs symbolize for them?

— They symbolize life. People believe, they can protect them, their families and their houses.

— Thank you for interesting information. I have learned a lot about this holiday.

— My pleasure!