In Lvov / Во Львове

— Have you ever visited western Ukraine? I’ve just returned from Lvov and I am full of impressions!

— Lvov has always been one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. It attracts thousands of tourists each year with its unique atmosphere and ancient history.

— Yes, I loved walking through its streets, looking at the ancient churches and cathedrals.

— Did you visit the High Castle? One can observe the whole city from its highest point.

— It was unforgettable! After that I enjoyed the atmosphere of one of the most famous churches in Lvov, St. Yura’s Cathedral and drank a cup coffee in one of the numerous cafes of the city.

— As for me, I cannot imagine Western Ukraine without the Olesky Zamok, which is located not far from Lvov.

It is a charming place with ancient architecture and beautiful parks around. One can walk along the alleys and observe the park sculptures all day long.

— My next dream is to visit the Carpathians, which are also called open-air museum.

— Let’s go there next time!