Travel Advertisement / Реклама путешествий

Rob: Where shall we go for our vacation, France or the UK?

Pete: What options do we have about France and the UK?

Rob: Well, in France we can go sightseeing around Paris, go shopping in Le Mans and visit some museums in the suburbs of these two cities.

Pete: I see. What about the UK?

Rob: This advertisement offers a great tour around London and a special tour to such famous universities as campus universities, redbrick universities and some сiviс ones. What do you think?

Pete: To tell you the truth, I’d rather go to the UK. Besides, my next semester paper will be about famous British universities. I guess this is the best chance to visit them. What is the price tor the tour?

Rob: The price is very reasonable. For only 250 pounds a person, we can stay for four days.

Pete: Where shall we stay?

Rob: The advertisement states that we can stay at the Ritz Hotel. And we can get a four-course meal there.

Pete: The hotel sounds great. It’s decided then. We shall go to the UK, shan’t we?

Rob: Yes, let’s make our reservations now.