Getting Ready for a Party / Готовиться к вечеринке

Jack: Jill, you’d better finish writing your paper. We are going to a party at the Boorams’, remember?

Jill: I do remember, Jack. I have 2 more pages to write.

Jack: We don’t have much time!

Jill: I’m writing as fast as I can.

Jack: Well, try to hurry a little bit more will you? I don’t want to be late.

Jill: Oh, we won’t be late. You know how these parties are. They never start on time.

Jack: Maybe so. But I always like to get there on time.

Jill: Oh, you are such a fuddy-duddy. Don’t worry. We’ll get there with some time to spare.

Jack: Is that a promise?

Jill: Yes, it’s a promise. Now leave me alone while I finish getting ready.