Two friends are talking about sports / Два друга разговаривают о спорте

Rob: So Martin, what sports do you play?

Martin: I play football, volleyball, tennis, and table tennis. But volleyball is my favourite game as it’s a team game and you can play it with your friends, and enjoy it as a team.

Rob: Is it quite a fast game as well?

Martin. Yeah. It is a fast game and that’s another reason why I enjoy it.

Rob: How exciting…

Martin: Yes.

Rob: Where do you play, then?

Martin: I play at local sports centres more during the winter and sort of play in tournaments around England. In the summer I also play beach volleyball.

Rob: Is beach volleyball different from the volleyball you play in the centres?

Martin: Yes, it is a very different game. Instead of six people on a team, it has only two players.

Rob: I see. Are you playing any sports today?

Martin: I am. In 15 minutes I’m having another table tennis school competition. So, I’d better go as our team is playing first. Excuse me.

Rod: Never mind. Thanks for the talk. Bye.

Martin: Have a good day!