The future of news

A few hundred years ago it was difficult to know what was happening in the next village or town let alone on the other side of the world. Nowadays, the opposite is true.

The advances in technology, and especially in communications, have been so great that it is now almost impossible not to know what’s going on. TV companies and newspapers now have reporters in many countries and are kept informed about the latest developments almost by the minute.

However, these ‘advances’ in news haven’t just come about by the increased technology. They have also been fuelled by an ‘appetite’ for news and gossip which seems to be impossible to satisfy. You can now watch news programmes 24 hours a day, buy newspapers in the morning, afternoon and evening, and, if that is not enough, click on to the Internet and get instant access to the whole globe.

So, what about the future? Well, who knows? Maybe we’ll be able to get news on our wristwatches, or perhaps through headphones that we wear all the time. In this modern age it is difficult to predict what exactly will happen next — but then that’s not news!

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