My plans for the future / Мои планы на будущее

My name is Lena. I am a fifth-year-student. In a year I will graduate from the university and become an economist. As I am only 21, I have a lot of plans for future. But everything I want to do, I have to discuss with my husband. We have been married for one year. We are not only a husband and a wife, but also close friends. It is a family tradition to discuss everything and come to a mutual decision.

Of course. I dream about my own successful career. I also want to have children and a happy family. That’s the question, every young family has to answer nowadays: career or children? There are many possible answers: first career, then children; first children, then career; career without children, etc. My parents and my parents-in-law have three children. We are a big and friendly family. My husband dreams about having two or more children. That’s my dream too.

My husband has worked hard in order to become a good lawyer. I am also ready to do best and achieve success in my profession. Along with that, I would like to have my own house and a car. I would also like to spend my vacation abroad and see the places I have only dreamed about. It would be nice to travel somewhere with my family.


mutual — общий
to have to do smth. e.g. I have to do it. — Я должен это сделать
to do one’s best — сделать все возможное
to achieve — достигать
a vacation — отпуск

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